A Brief History of the Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Veszprém (VEAB)

The Veszprém Centre of the Academy was founded under government resolution 48/1972 by the Presidium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at a session in September 1972. The steering committee of the Academy commissioned the Centre to organize scientific life in the Northern Transdanubian region within the framework of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. According to the decision of the Academy, the Centre has created a network of academic committees now regarded as the regional organization of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Northern Transdanubia. This organization is made up of specialist and working committees with the participation of experts in the region.

The presidents of the Centre were Sándor Belák (1972-1979), Ernő Nemecz (1979-1985), János Salánki (1985-1996) and László Markó (1996-2002).

Effective work commenced as from 1975 in 9 specialist committees. Initially there were 18 working committees with 359 active members.

After 1975 the regional organization began to develop rapidly. Within the committee network of VEAB in the academic period of 1976-1979 510 members were involved in 10 specialist and 30 working committees; 1565 members in 14 specialist and 73 working committees between 1985 and 1990. Later developments focused on advancing professional life and continuously raising standards rather than increasing membership.

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