Headquarters of the Veszprém Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (VEAB)

The headquarters of VEAB, the Veszprém Academic Headquarters is at 37 Vár utca in the former house of Canon Dravecz built between 1769 and 1773 in Louis-seize style. The historic building originally owned by the Church was secularized in 1953 and put into the charge of the town council. At first it housed a primary school, later private flats. Administratively, it was handed over to the Academic Centre in 1975. The building, after being converted and restored, was officially inaugurated on 19 July 1978.

Veszprém Academic Headquarters
in the Veszprém Castle

The fine historic building is the venue for various kinds of conferences, meetings and social gatherings, and in this way it has become one of the centres of scientific life of not only Veszprém, but also of the region. The largest lecture-hall seats around 100, in addition, there are 4 smaller rooms for events. In the library computers and Internet access are available to VEAB members. The cellar with its historic ambience hosts receptions in a relaxed atmosphere. On the top floor a two-room suite and 6 double bedrooms can accommodate guests comfortably. In summer the garden attached to the building is the setting for chamber music evenings organized as the "Music in the Garden" series of events.

Cellar with historic atmosphere at the headquarters

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