Aim and Activities of the Veszprém Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (VEAB)

The members of VEAB, who direct the activities of the regional organization, are academicians, heads of specialist committees and academically accredited experts working in the region who are elected as representatives of academic and higher educational institutions and the counties in the region.

The main objective of VEAB is to stimulate, support and co-ordinate scientific research, and by so doing, advance economic, cultural and social development in the region and the country, by scientific methods. The counties of Fejér, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Komárom-Esztergom, Vas and Veszprém are the focus of our activities. For historical reasons, in certain fields of science the number of experts from Zala County is significant (when VEAB was formed the Keszthely district, which is now part of Zala County, belonged to Veszprém County). In addition we have scientific committees unparalleled nationwide with the active participation of scientists from outside the region.

The objectives of VEAB lie partly in the field of scientific policy, partly in the form of organizing sciences. Within the framework of its more general science policy it

It is the scientific network of VEAB where - as a result of the science management work of the Veszprém Centre of the Academy a significant part of the scientific life in the Northern Transdanubian region is carried out. On the one hand, the organization is made up of professional specialist committees covering a wide range of scientific activities, on the other hand organized within them, working committees study special areas within disciplines. The committees regularly organize lectures, staff meetings, various regional, national or international conferences by means of which they

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